6 Reasons A Home Security System Is A Wise Investment


For many homeowners, purchasing a home security system seems like an unnecessary expense. In a world where tragedy is inevitable, most people still believe a break-in will not happen to them.


It is after the fact that most people invest in a home security system. A home security system protects more than the home—it protects those inside.


Here are six reasons why a security system is worth the investment:


1. Security Packages


Most security packages, like those from ADT, come with an abundance of home protection items. Whether it is Mobile AL ADT Security a homeowner is looking for or ADT security in another location, homeowners pay a reasonable amount for an alarm and key code … Keep Reading

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Top 3 Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaners


Are you nervous about finding a good vacuum for your hard floors? Are you searching for a vacuum that will get the job done, but won’t ruin your floors? Here are our top 3 picks for the best hard floor vacuum cleaners.


1. Shark Sonic Duo

The Shark Sonic Duo cleaning system is a great system that is approved for use on hard floors, without damaging them. It is best used with the Shark Clean Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner, and provides a deep clean, leaving surfaces sparkling clean! The Shark Sonic Duo lifts up and removes not only the visible surface dirt that you can see, but also the buried, stuck on dirt that you can’t. This vacuum is perfect and … Keep Reading

Rainy Day Pretend Play & Costumes


Costumes are not just for Halloween anymore. Haven’t you ever kept your kids old Halloween costumes and let them play pretend in it? They have so much fun just imagining and playing. They love dressing up and playing their favorite characters from cartoons and movies.

Adisyn's box

It’s something fun to do on a rainy day when you’re stuck inside. Let them make their own “wardrobe box” from an old toy box or suitcase. They can decorate it any way they like and put plays on for you when the weather is too bad. It’s a fun way to pass time!

So we started adding to the collection every now and then. … Keep Reading

Guest Post- The Perks of Satellite TV


Image via: Wikimedia.org

TV entertainment has come a long way from the days of antennas and cable boxes. People these days are watching TV in their living rooms, on airplanes, and even on their phones in doctors’ waiting rooms. With so many options, it can be hard to see the advantages of any one form of TV over the others. For this post, we will look at Satellite TV and some of its advantages so you can decide if it is right for you (for more options and information on costs, you can learn more here).

1. Package options. One of the best features of satellite TV is the … Keep Reading

Giveaway: Piazza Lucca Satchel #Ebags

Handbag Giveaways

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$250 Two Winners Gift Card Winners Choice Giveaway!

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